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Andrew Wright 10 Year Product Guarantee Terms and Conditions

1. Provided the Contract price has been made in full (or payments under a finance agreement signed by the Customer in connection with this contract are made in accordance with the finance agreement), the Company guarantees to repair or replace free of all charges for labour and materials any double-glazed unit that develops a seal failure within five (5) years of purchase. In most cases double glazed windows should be reduce or eliminate condensation, but unforeseeable conditions sometimes exist when this will not be so, and guarantee can be given. Modern coated energy efficient glass can be produce a haze. Haze is an optical phenomenon which makes the glass look like it is covered in a very fine, uniform, layer of dust when viewed from an oblique angle or viewed under strong light.

2. The guarantee is given in addition to and not in substitution for the Customer’s rights under common law and statute. Written notice of any claim must be given within the guarantee period.

3. The guarantee does not apply to minor glazing imperfections that are within the acceptance standards laid down by the Glass and Glazing Federation for the specification of glass installed.

4.  The Company shall be under no liability if the defect or failure, in the reasonable opinion of the Company, arises from fair wear and tear, wilful damage, misuse, negligence by the Customer or any third party, failure to follow the instructions of the Company, or alteration or repair of the DGU without prior approval of the Company.

Our 10 year insurance-backed guarantee is underpinned by an insurance policy in the name of Network VEKA covering our liabilities under our guarantees.

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