Save on your energy bills with our Energy Saver Window Range!

Energy Efficient Windows for your home.

 Most homeowners have seen the rainbow ‘energy’ label on household items such as fridges and washing machines. These also apply to windows and doors.

With energy prices on the increase, you need a window and door system that protects your home, helping to reduce fuel bills and cut carbon emissions.

A window energy rating of A+10 or above is considered to be the best in class for energy efficiency. This equates to A+ with BFRC. So when choosing your windows, look for the energy rating label with A+.

According to The Energy Saving Trust*, replacing all single glazed windows in a typical semi-detached house with A-rated double glazing could save you between £85 and £110 a year on fuel bills.



Our new, high-performance, energy efficient windows give you:

– Quieter home interior (multiple panes and insulated frames to block out noise)

– Reduced fading of curtains, furniture and flooring (low emissivity solar window coatings can block up to 98% of UV rays.

– Reduced fuel bills – your home will lose less heat in winter and absorb more heat in summer.

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