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P-shape Conservatory – Glasgow and Ayrshire.

“The ultimate in bespoke versatility”

Combination conservatories offer you everything their titles suggest and impressive design flexibility.

L-Shape, P-Shape, T-Shape, C-Shape….there’s almost a whole alphabet of choices when you combine one or more conventional conservatory style into a bespoke creation with real individuality.

The combination style not only allows you to expand your horizons in scale and style, it also enables you to mould your ideas around any shape of building.

L- T- and C-Shape combine two or three rectangular shapes, while P-Shape is similar to the L- but with one or perhaps two Victorian style rounded-ends.

The P- or L-Shape need not jut out from the building; they can fold round an outside corner for a real panoramic outlook or perhaps all-day sun.

All styles can use a combination of lean-to, pitched and lantern roof as appropriate.

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